maillo tsuru

At best fashion is fleeting and subjective, so the quality of the craftsmanship is the only thing time will not forgive or forget. By this statement, I stepped away from making clothing to selling poorly made clothing for the retail stores across America. I am back in a working studio place getting ready to sew and create again.

All of the my garments have french seams or flat felt seams, which often allows for a reversible garment, which can be requested in my custom creations.

Collections Revealed...

The largest collections of my wearable artwork are in the homes of people living in the Pacific Northwest where I've lived over thirty years of my life. With my friend, Robert Perlow, who has the single largest collection of my wearable art, we gathered our closest friends and created the following collection of images in Anacortes, WA. The photographer was Heather Elliot. The American tribal image on the top of the page was shot and later Bonnie put the same skirt with a different top to create a different ensemble.

"Courage is the ladder on which all other virtues mount." Anita Loos