maillo tsuru

The top button is for the original canvas and the second is for a high resolution giclee canvas print.

These two originals are for sale as well, for $5,000 each and the high resolution museum wrapped canvas print for $500 each. The final image maybe refined from being in the range of a paint brush!

"Under Foot (I Need A Pig!) has subtitles:

"Hair Mat," "Bear Matt," and "Bare Mat."

Manscapes Gallery II

"STOP SLUT" & "Under FOOT"

This gallery features two favorites about Seattle: "Stop Slut" and "Under Foot (I Need A Pig)." "Stop Slut" is has a bit of protest to the general whoring around, which seems to ignore the "zero degrees of separation" reality of the community. How ironic notes on the behavior between men does make one wonder why we want gay marriage???

"Under Foot (I Need A Pig) is Club Seattle a bath house where men work out their needs unfulfilled by their husbands, boyfriends, wives and girlfriends. The title developed over time to reflect the humor of the Queen of Hearts in the more recent version of the Alice in Wonderland commanding "I need a pig!!" for her foot stool pig to be place at her feet.