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"Hung Like A Horse..." Is for sale and the top image is the current image. With decades of paint, this is heavy with acrylic paint. The original is available for $10K and high resolution giclee for $600.

manscapes - gallery I



About the Paintings

As a student at Boston University, I learned various methods and techniques for painting with oils and acrylics. Personally I found the use of acrylics to be the best choice for enabling me to express myself on canvas. Between the full-time jobs, my volunteer work for nearly twenty years with the Buddhist lay organization, there has been little time for painting. In 1979 I started a couple of canvases to get myself interested in working again. I wanted to tell a story of the world around me as a gay black man living in the Pacific Northwest. I see myself as autobiographical impressionist, similar to Toulouse and the other French impressionists that visited the nightclubs and brothels of their time. This is my view of this modern chaotic nightlife of society's wild side.


The major painting, “It's Rainin' Men (Its Reigning Men)” is a social commentary and satire about the disco scene at the largest gay club in Portland, Oregon called The Embers. This 37” x 65” panorama, with over 160 faces and bodies depicted, tries to capture the mood and mix of the time period, right down to a flock of drag queens with the biggest hair! (NFS)

This painting has seen years of paint in my studio rooms over the years, along with another bar painting entitled, “Hung Like...” which is a commentary on the “Boys at the door.”  This painting is 22” X 28” and is filled with over 65 faces and figures.

The actual arch and column are the foundation of this work, along with the wagon that was hanging by wire. Everything else grew and evolved around the room. There was an actual water pump mounted into the middle of one of the table in the late 70s. It morphed into the Blue Horse Ghost in the back of the room, adding to the "Mythical Search" in a Western bar in Western town..." Men dancing on tables is a myth, however as the Silverado there were dancing twinks. Another painting called "Bicep Flex" is my version of those days in the same space.