maillo tsuru

Drawing that developed into the painting that help set into motion six other paintings years later..

Duality Paintings

The shaman aspect of my path as an artist recognizes the contrasting elements that links every action to equal and opposite forces; depression of loss and joy of healing and spreading the love. The use of stars and hearts in KISS THE EARTH pair of paintings is commentary on the original Gulf Oil Spill. In the black-navy blue field of oil rising from the Earth are $$$$ sign from the tornado of oil. The "Calling All Hearts" response is the environmentalists and earth watchers hearts bearing witness and taking action.

In light of the Women's March On Washington being a pink hat theme echoes the important power of compassionate love.

"The Healing of the Wounded Heart" was originally a drawing that turned into a painting which inspired six other paintings to emerge from my artistic endeavors. "Healed and Sending"is the YIN blessing from the process of appreciating the joy of healing. It was a curious experience using hearts so generously in my work as an adult!!!????

In Buddhism, the alchemy of transforming poison to medicine certainly applies to rally cry all people of the Earth as we sense our role in the healing of our planet.

Stars, Hearts and kissing lips

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